Are social media and social networking the same?

Let me ask you this question. Do you think that social media and social networking are the same?
Well, if you do, you might be making some mistakes in your business. So, I’m going to separate the two and explain right now.

about social media

Social media is a very consumer-based model, right? So, you’re putting content out there. And think about it this way. Facebook is easily in the top 5 producers of content worldwide. Same But is it generating any of the content? No, who is? We are. We’re the ones putting the content on social media to be consumed.
You can spend all day doing that. You can spend time following and scrolling in.
Fast forward two hours later, you still haven’t found anything of value. You haven’t marketed your business at all. You haven’t done any joint ventures. You haven’t made any connections whatsoever.
But you feel like you should be able to know how because, you know that social media, in general, is going to be good for marketing.
Even if you’re spending time on social media, creating Facebook ads, it’s so easy to get lost and get distracted. And maybe even put out an ad that is not even profitable for you.

So, social media is different than networking. Think of networking this way.
Imagine that you’re stepping into a room. Every time you go on social media and you interact with someone. It’s as if you’re stepping into their living room. Now, you’ve screens and perhaps thousands of miles that are separating you and the other person. But you’re sharing the air space because you’re online together. When you’re going online, we oftentimes forget how to interact with people.
We forget how to introduce ourselves, how to share what we do, how to create those joint ventures.
You forget how to network and what’s important to share.

Social media networking looks like sending messages to people directly. It looks like finding groups that are relevant to your interests.
So, let’s break this down and get real for a second.

Let’s say that you want to become a public speaker and be in front of audiences. You feel you have a message burning in your heart. You even practice a few times. And your complaints are:

  • I don’t have an audience.
  • I don’t have people to get in front of.
  • I don’t have people that have the will to listen to my message.
  • What do you do?
  • How to use social media to connect and build that bridge?

You are going to be going into Facebook groups, looking for international or public speakers.
Look for groups that are relevant to that. Dive into those groups and start delivering content. Not just as a consumer but as a person that actually adds value to the community.
You can say something like, “Hey, I finished working on my signature presentation. I recorded it. Can someone review this for me and give me some feedback?
That’s using social media wisely and that’s networking, especially if you take those comments that are on that post.

One of the most powerful tools that I have seen people use all the time is a direct message.
Whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, that personal message, is the best way to network.
You don’t just send them to direct messages and cross your fingers and say, “Oh, I hope all
Is well? “You know good luck. Get back to, me.” Those words are bad. No one is going to get back to you. You need to be the first person that they think of when they have needs that you can fulfill.

So, how do you be the first person they think of? You’re going to be constantly dripping campaigns on there. That’s what they call it a drip campaign.
When you’re constantly just offering information, make some touches. You do it through email or direct messages on Facebook or Instagram.
You know you don’t want to get annoying. You definitely want to respect that they say, “Hey, I’m really not interested.” You say, “Cool, thanks for taking the time.” But be the first person, they imagine.
So when they think. “Hey, I need a public speaker for this event that speaks on this topic.” They know they should have come to you first.
Start networking online by direct messaging people. Be willing not to hide behind the screen of Facebook.

You can’t just be a consumer on social media without being a contributor. You should be contributing and consuming. That’s how you’re going to grow your network and make connections.

social networking patterns

Let me just give you an example. I talked to one of my clients a few weeks and she got syndicated on over 300 networks and channels. I was so, psyched for her. And I said, “You know what?
I’d love to talk to the person who you talked to about getting syndicated.” I texted the three-way message to her. She brought in my buddy Ralph. And I just talked to him today and now we are looking at the possibility of doing a joint venture.
That’s how networking happens. Have I never met this person face to face? I hope to someday.
Yet, we found a common thread and message because we’re willing to reach out and understand that it’s not a screen I’m talking to, it’s a person.
So, be online, get out networking. Find those connections and build your business.

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